Upcoming Projects

With the support of the City of Oakland, YAC is compiling a youth anthology of youth experiences and solidarity during COVID-19 for later publication. More information is available here


Past Projects

Flip the Script

Flip the Script was a youth-led social justice Bay Area film festival aimed at building solidarity and celebrating the identities and talents of youth across California. Flip the Script showcased young filmmakers whose work highlighted their local community and raised awareness surrounding social issues, such as gentrification and racial justice. 

Youth You-nity Art Show
The Youth You-nity Art show was a performance showcase and pip-up community art event that provided youth artists of color in the Bay Area a space to display their talents and sell their products. This project emphasized the importance of youth artivism and culture by offering a space for artists from marginalized Bar Area communities to express their artistic ambitions that are often disregarded. Our long -term goal for the Youth You-nity pop-up was to preserve culture through culinary, visual, and performing arts and to continue sustainable art programs within schools that are predominantly students of color. 

Annual Events

“That’s Not Love” Talent Show

Our annual “That’s not Love” talent show provides Oakland youth a platform to showcase their talents and raise awareness on teen dating violence, sexual assault, and gender-based violence among our communities. The purpose of this talent show is to build community among Oakland youth, while also promoting health relationships, gender equity, and violence-prevention. 

API- Act

Asian Pacific Islander Activism Community Teach- Out (API-act) is a week long workshop and training series dedicated to educating ourselves, healing from oppressive forces, and emerging as outspoken leaders within our communities. The aim is to build community among peers and become invigorated to join the movement in ending oppression. The workshop series consists of activities, field trips, and training, for youth to learn about community work, ethnic studies, and to connect them with various community partners across the SF and East Bay. 


That’s Not Love: Understanding Teen Dating Violence

Our workshop, That’s Not Love, emphasizes the power and control dynamic within domestic relationships. We define consent and dating violence, analyze toxic relationship examples in conventional media, combat myths surrounding domestic violence, and review our rights and resources in a relationship. We examine the different aspects of abuse while learning how to break the cycle of violence that has been institutionalized and normalized in our society. Through collaboration, we acknowledge intersectionality within different communities and demand large-scale awareness to help prevent domestic violence.

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Imperialism to Deportation: Contextualizing Violence in Southeast Asian Communities

Our presentation, titled “Imperialism to Deportation: Contextualizing Violence in South East Asian Communities”, examines the dynamic between imperialism and deportation, highlighting the unique experiences of Southeast Asian immigrants. We unpack how the model minority myth renders invisible the criminalization of SE Asians, as well as perpetuates anti-Blackness. Using an intersectional framework, we discuss topics such as narratives surrounding immigration, the school to prison to deportation pipeline, and generational trauma. Through collaboration, we hope to engage youth in conversations and bring to light an often unacknowledged facet of the Asian American experience. 

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