Youth Advisory Council is a group of Bay Area high school students that collaborate together to address social and political issues affecting Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities. YAC members work on relevant topics such as:
    • domestic violence,
    • immigration,
    • queer/trans identities and rights,
    • housing, and
  • food justice.

Since its inception in 1997, YAC has placed specific emphasis on preventing gender-based and teen dating violence in our work. Through presentations, media arts projects, advocacy campaigns, civic engagement, and community organizing, YAC members make change on community, statewide, and local levels. YAC members are interns of API Legal Outreach.

Youth Advisory Council MEMBERS

Kaixin “Vivian” Wu

Kathy Liang

Jocelyn Gao

Emily Liang

Javier Acosta

Queenie Tu

Alex Dionicio Rodriguez

Hua Wei

Nicholas Chung

Thomas Files

Eujean Do