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Posted by Robin Suralta
┬áIn the United States Armed forces, there isn’t one specific race or culture that represents the whole thing, but there is a diverse amount of races, and one of those races being Asian-Pacific Islander. There are huge amounts of Asian-Pacific Islanders in the Navy for example, and that doesn’t go unnoticed because the Navy has celebrated and acknowledge Asian American Heritage month. Acknowledging the 24,500 sailors in the Navy and all of their sacrifices for not only their country but their culture. With the Navy acknowledging the Asian-Pacific community shows how far we have gotten with equality. Before we were putting anyone with Japanese background into internment camps while now we fight with them side by side on the frontline. Showcasing what The United States is suppose to represent, Freedom and Equality.

The topic of freedom and equality has been a controversial topic in the United States. Does it exist or is it something that we just say exists to show the world we are this so called “great” country. I think that if our armed forces represent so many different cultures and races just shows the equality in the United States. The fact that people from so many different cultures are risking their life for someone they do not share the same culture or viewpoints show how equal we are to each other. That the United States is the only country that has so much diversity in armed forces. On the topic of freedom, it’s pretty obvious that we are not this free country, there are rules that have to be followed for the safety of everyone. But the fact that anyone can join the Army, Navy, or Air Force no matter their cultural background shows the freedom in the United States. That we do not discriminate anyone in the process of ┬árecruitment and we are welcomed arms for anyone. So the United States might not have the best ideals of freedom and equality but it acknowledges all cultures in armed forces, sports, etc.