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Posted by Kimberly Ngo 
Asian and Pacific Islander women with disabilities are the most underemployed than any other group within the United States. The Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California, a local non-profit organization helps API people with disabilities by having their voices heard. Asian cultures/families can be strict to their children by putting on a lot of unhealthy pressure and lacking consideration and understanding to their children. Cultural stigma runs deep in Asian culture. The fear of having children who are seen as imperfect or abnormal can disgrace a family’s reputation, and make the family look down upon by other relatives and friends. In this case, API with disabilities are an example of stigma in Asian culture. API people with disabilities might not find support and understanding from their families due to the idea of it being as unacceptable. Just having a disability in an Asian family can already let you know you somehow dishonored your family and brought shame. This is why The Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disablities of California’s goal is to help API people with disabilities have their voices heard, especially if they can’t talk about it to their own family. I think this organization is beneficial to API people with disabilities. I may not have the stereotypical Asian parents, but I am familiar with idea of Asian families being concerned of their family’s reputation which is based on how their children does well in school, their jobs, college they’re attending, their relationships, etc. I feel as if Asian families don’t often speak about issues that can affect their kids. I am aware that most kids feel really stressed because their parents want them to do this and that, and expect so much from them to the point where their physical and mental health can start to deteriorate. Having an organization like The Asian and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California is important and essential for many folks out there struggling with gaining support from their family and friends.