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Posted by Anna CuiĀ 

Asian American fraternities has been growing for the last few generations, they feel shut out of existing Greek organizations so they made their own. Some reasons they might want to create or join these organizations are forming a connection with others, going to parties, and sometimes volunteering for an important cause. There has been a raising concern of hazing and drinking deaths in Asian American fraternities such as the Pi Delta Psi that has been accused being connected with a hazing related death of a freshman at Baruch College in Manhattan when they were in a retreat. Although there are no official statistics on fraternity deaths, people are surprised by the small Asian American fraternities that are involved with deaths.

There are so many stereotypes about Asian men about how they are smart, weak, and just play video games all day. They might want to join Asian American fraternities to prove their worth to Greek organizations because they feel inferior. Some of the cultures fraternities have include hazing the freshman when they first join and Asian Americans might feel obligated to continue the tradition but we all know that isn’t right and just because it was done to you does not mean it is okay to do it to other people. In conclusion, we should not follow people’s footsteps if it is not right to begin with but instead create your own path.