In February 2020, YAC presented its workshop “Breaking Stereotypes Around Love” at Fremont’s third annual Symbiosis Youth Summit for LGBTQ+ Youth. This year’s theme was “Breaking Stereotypes” – YAC discussed the media, societal, familial, and peer pressures that threaten LGBTQ+ Youth today, as well as fair representation and institutionalized oppression. We ended off with a discussion of legal rights, resources, as well as hopes for the future!

This was YAC’s second time presenting at the Symbiosis summit, but the interns were not the only people who got the chance to share! Our very own youth coordinator and adult ally (now youth programs supervisor) Jean Pham was also invited on the youth panel to speak about their identity as a trans, non-binary person.

Workshops were held in multiple rounds, some restricted to youth only. These explored topics such as self-care, healthy relationships, and youth activism. It even included a rap workshop, where participants had the opportunity to find their voice and freestyle about their identity in a way that is less common in Asian and South Asian communities.

Symbiosis 2020 ended with a jaw-dropping drag performance from The One and Only Rexy, surrounded by energy and cheers from the audience. YAC is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to share the inspiring support of other youth activists and looks forward to share and learn from other youth moving forward!