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Posted by Julian Castro

My story of the week was about refugees and undocumented immigrants entering America. Most of this controversy started during Trump’s  election and his new laws and plans that involve building the wall in an attempt to banish undocumented immigrants coming from the southern border between America and Mexico, as well as  the previous ISIS threats against other countries. I chose this article because this topic was one of the biggest issues since the election, which also created mixed views on who will help them and who will send them back. As a group, the Youth Advisory Council discussed what we thought about the new immigrants, and living in the Bay Area, we said that it was understandable why they moved here because we believed they don’t want to live in a country that’s the home base of a terrorist group.

On the bright side, the Sanctuary Cities, cities whose local policies help undocumented immigrants, were threatened to be cut off from all government funding but that didn’t stop them from helping refugees and immigrants. I believe it is extremely helpful for the Sanctuary Cities to be doing something like this, but while refugees and immigrants are in these Sanctuary Cities, they should start to work on getting their green cards and taking their next steps to becoming a citizen. I understand that it’s hard but, given the help that they receive, it is really important that they try.

Interested in getting free assistance becoming a U.S. citizen? Contact API Legal Outreach at (415) 567-6255 (San Francisco) or (510) 251-2846 (East Bay)!