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Posted by Anna CuiĀ 

A morning talk show on Morocco’s state television broadcast a segment teaching people how to cover up domestic violence with makeup. The viewers reflected negatively which resulted in the TV station apologizing. The idea of covering up domestic violence bruises only suggest that they need to be covered up. Actions such as these only reinforces the idea that issues such as domestic violence should be kept silent about. To learn more information about domestic violence, they interviewed two specialist, Rothna Begum and Sarah Kambou. They both agreed that this segment was intentionally being helpful but was misguided in terms of the message they conveyed. Places like Morocco have a very high domestic violence rate experiences women both married and unmarried being survivors of some form of domestic violence yet only 3 percent of women whose husbands had abused them reported to the police.

Issues such as domestic violence still have a long way to go in terms of how we approach these problems. I think instead of learning how to cover up those bruises, we should teach people how to respect each other. Domestic violence isn’t really a topic a lot of people talk about but it needs to be addressed to create a safe and better community.