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Posted by Simon Luu 

Asians are discriminated against in the film industry. They do not receive much air time, but when they do, they are portrayed as the stereotypical character, the class nerd or the mute extra. Rarely is an Asian a lead of a show or movie. Basically, you cannot be Asian in Hollywood. The new show, Fresh Off the Boat on ABC, challenged that idea. It is the first show with a majority of Asian leads. Constance Wu, who plays Jessica Huang, explains being Asian in Hollywood. When looking for a steady job, she landed a role on Fresh Off the Boat as Jessica. The first couple of months working she was mainly focused on doing the job to secure rent money. As months past and she firmly secured Jessica on the show, she was finally able to speak up. She shifted from being the obliged and submissive worker who just needs money to an activist for Asians in the film industry. She is now speaking against the discrimination from Hollywood on Asians. She is able to use her newfound power and fame to speak up against what she is passionate about.


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