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160211202613-nypd-officer-peter-liang-verdict-akai-gurley-shooting-sot-00004315-exlarge-169Posted by Sherrie Saechao

In November 2014, Akai Gurley was wrongfully shot to death by a Chinese American NYPD officer, Peter Liang. Instead of following protocol, he and his partner bickered about who was gonna call it in. He stated that he was supposedly not properly trained by the institution and was abandoned. This week, a Brooklyn judge just denied Liang the ability to have a new trial in the face of his manslaughter conviction.

Annie Tan, the niece of an Asian American man who was also wrongfully killed, named Vincent Chin, wrote an opinion piece in the Huffington Post when Liang was first convicted in February. The author shared her thoughts about an article by a freelance writer Shirley Ng, who wrote a New York Post op-ed comparing Liang to Vincent Chin and Danny Chen who also never received justice after being bullied to the point of suicide in the Army. Comparing the two cases, Ng believes that the case of Vincent and Danny is the reason why we need to stand by Peter Liang in this situation. However, Tan says Vincent has more in common with Akai; Danny and Vincent never killed anyone.

Ng’s post talked about how the gun just went off but in reality, he pulled the trigger. Accident or not he killed a man and should pay consequences.

Tan disagrees with everything Ng has to say and felt the article that Ng wrote was insulting and wrong.  How are there so many people from the same community protesting to fight for Peter when he should pay time for what he has done? Injustice is injustice. The anger and protest in support of officer Liang is misplaced.