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Posted by Julian Castro

My blog post was on the November Paris attack caused by ISIS, killing hundreds of citizens and keeping some as  hostage. It was found out that they might be “on the inside”, and some of them may have been fake refugees that no one knew about. The refugee passports they were carrying later turned out to be fake. However, because of this, many countries have refused to let in immigrant refugees for safety precautions, but the United States it still debating on whether to allow them or not. Germany is actually welcoming them and so far, millions have migrated there, even by boat.

Even though the government is just trying to be cautious, it’s not a good idea to ignore immigrant refugees and make it so they aren’t allowed to enter America. This is exactly what we did to the Japanese during World War II that gave them reasons to be anti-US. But if anything, the government should at least improve the security system and come up a different way to check for cautions, besides banning a race.